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About Us Fall Planter

In our opinion, a mailbox doesn't have to be just for receiving mail. Instead we see it as a fun way to dress up your home’s curb appeal and add some personality outside your house. The Creative Mailbox Planter is designed to slip over existing Solar Group #E1100W00, Architectural Mailbox MB1 #7600B-10 mailboxes with attachments.

Every planter is manufactured with eco-friendly double-walled rotational-molded resins that make it indestructible. We also incorporate UV stabilizers for added protection, and have designed each planter with proper drainage to allow for healthy growing conditions in a variety of environments.

Each planter is manufactured in America’s Heartland in Great Bend, Kansas by the 115-year-old Fuller Industries. The men and women of Fuller take extreme pride in their work and the craftsmanship is revealed in every planter they create.