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Creative Mailbox Custom Paint Job

Available in white, gray, or black, the Custom Mailbox Planter can also be easily customized by the homeowner. If you’d like to paint your planter, we recommend buying the white planter and Krylon Fusion All-In-One spray paint. The two-piece design of the planter also allows for a 2-color option with the base in one color and the roof in another.

How to Paint Your Creative Mailbox Planter

To allow for easier painting we recommend disassembling the two-piece unit. Start by simply removing the mailbox flag with a screw driver. Then, flip the unit over and remove the two bolts with a 7/16 nut driver or socket. If you choose to leave your planter white, we recommend a final finish with White Krylon Fusion All-in-One Paint. Repaint the mailbox flag as needed. Plan on using one can for the base and half a can for the roof. Please follow the instructions on the paint can for best results and re-assemble the unit after it is completely dry.

Get Inspired. Get Creative.

Breast Cancer Awareness Mailbox

The possibilities of creating fun and beautiful mailbox planter designs is only limited by your imagination. What about changing it up for the holidays? Or creating a theme to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Fill with continuous blooming annuals or artificial flowers and bring a smile to the community with seasonal changes.